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Software Services

Software Intellectual Property Protection Services

  • I advise clients about how software can be best protected using one or more of patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret law.
  • I file patent, trademark, copyright applications relating to software.
  • I advise clients on licensing agreements relating to software.

Software is of special interest to me, as I worked as a software developer for the better part of my career in Information Technology. Software presents unique challenges, particularly in the realms of copyright and patent law. In particular, since the Supreme Court's decision in Alice v. CLS Bank, obtaining enforceable patents relating to software technology is especially challenging. I keep abreast with current case law relating to software patents and I have been involved in the prosecution of over 400 software related patents in the U.S. and foreign jurisdictions.

Software Intellectual Property Litigation Services

  • I defend clients against unfair accusations of patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret infringement relating to software in Federal Court.
  • I assist clients in defending their software from infringing activities of other parties in Federal Court.

Software Intellectual Property Strategy Services

  • I advise clients by helping them devising short and long term strategic plans for protecting their software resources.


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